Christmas in Tuscany

Christmas in Tuscany

Are you thinking about celebrating Christmas in Tuscany? Casa Verniano is an excellent base to fully enjoy the Christmas celebrations throughout the region and immerse yourself in a warm and welcoming atmosphere during one of the most beautiful times of the year. In our family-run estate, you can experience a Christmas surrounded by nature and the most authentic rural Tuscany. In addition to our comfortable and cozy apartments, equipped with all the amenities, you’ll have access to our restaurant, offering dishes from the regional tradition. Our kitchen boasts some of the finest local products, from cheeses to jams, to the cold cuts we produce on our own estate, and much more. Don’t miss the opportunity for a unique Christmas – book now!

Christmas-in-TuscanyChristmas in Tuscany: 5 Unmissable Tips

As the Christmas season approaches, what could be more enchanting than celebrating Christmas in Tuscany? It’s a unique experience where art cities transform into magical settings, adorned with glittering decorations that paint a picturesque scene. Villages dress up for the occasion, welcoming visitors with picturesque markets and charming nativity scenes inside the most captivating churches.

Among the many suggestions to make your Christmas in Tuscany unforgettable, here are 5 typically regional activities not to be missed for an authentic and evocative experience. Celebrating Christmas in Tuscany with these tips will add a truly original touch to this special holiday. Immerse yourself in the authentic atmosphere of winter festivities with these unique experiences.

Florence, a Must for Christmas in Tuscany

Enchanting Lights in Florence: The Tuscan capital lights up with enchanting lights, transforming the streets into a true spectacle of lights and colors. An evening stroll through the city center during this time will take you into an enchanted world, wrapped in Christmas magic. And that’s not all. On December 7th, Christmas will be celebrated with the traditional lighting of the Christmas trees in the historic center and neighborhoods of the city. In Piazza della Repubblica, the charity event in favor of the Meyer pediatric hospital will return with Santa’s cottage welcoming all the children who come. Also, don’t miss the show of the Befane on January 6th, organized by Confcommercio and Edilizia Acrobatica. On that occasion, starting at 11:30, you can witness the Befane descending from the arch of the square and along the facade of the Rinascente.

Christmas in Siena, What Not to Miss

Craft Markets in Siena: For a truly special gift, dive into the craft markets of Siena. Here, you’ll find handmade artworks, unique jewelry, and artisan creations that tell the story and tradition of Tuscany. A perfect opportunity to find the ideal gift for your loved ones. The markets in the famous Piazza del Campo are particularly famous, taking place this year on December 2nd and 3rd. Also, don’t miss the appointments with the Christmas market taking place between Piazza Matteotti, Piazza Gramsci, and Viale XXV Aprile and the Christmas market of garden hobbyists in the Gardens of Lizza, held on January 8th and 7th from 10:00 to 20:00, and also on December 24th and 31st from 10:00 to 16:00, and on December 25th and 26th and January 1st from 16:00 to 20:00.

Of great importance for the city are the celebrations for the feast of Santa Lucia, whose fair traditionally takes place in Piazza del Campo on December 13th all day. Finally, we also propose the Showcooking with tasting and the market of products from the didactic farm organized by the Ricasoli professional institute. This last event will take place on Saturday, December 16th, from 11:00 to 16:00 between the Cortile del Podestà and Piazza del Campo. With all these events, spending Christmas in Tuscany has never been so exciting!

Christmas-in-TuscanyOther Activities for Your Holidays

  • Historical Nativities in San Gimignano: San Gimignano transforms into a living nativity, with historical sets that take you back in time. During the holidays, the cobbled streets come to life with traditional performances, providing a unique and engaging experience for the whole family.
  • Traditional Dinners in Lucca: Savor the authentic flavors of Tuscany with traditional dinners in Lucca. Restaurants offer special menus prepared with local ingredients and recipes passed down from generation to generation. An opportunity to delight your palate with the typical flavors of the region and spend a Christmas in Tuscany dedicated to taste.
  • Truffle Hunting in Pisa: If you love authentic flavors, you can’t miss adding a touch of luxury to your holidays by participating in a truffle hunt in Pisa. Guided by expert truffle hunters, venture into the picturesque Tuscan countryside in search of the precious truffle. A gourmet experience that makes your Christmas in Tuscany truly special.

A Unique Opportunity for an Unforgettable Experience

Celebrate your Christmas in Tuscany, where every tradition becomes a precious memory, and every corner transforms into a work of art. Discover the magic of winter festivities in this splendid region and create unforgettable memories with your loved ones. And don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to be our guests at Casa Verniano! Book your apartment or traditional lunch at this number 0577 908295 or learn more about our estate at this link.

Farmhouse Siena with Restaurant

Farmhouse Siena with Restaurant – Excellence in Colle di Val d’Elsa

Casa Verniano is the farmhouse in Siena with a restaurant you’ve been searching for. Nestled in the stunning Tuscan province, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and a millennium-old history, there is a magical place that seamlessly blends Tuscan tradition with culinary innovation. Casa Verniano, located in Colle di Val d’Elsa, is much more than a countryside retreat. It offers an authentic gastronomic experience, an excellent restaurant, a flourishing garden, and a farm that transforms genuine products into delightful dishes. In this article, we will introduce you to our natural and authentic world, telling you about our farmhouse with a restaurant in Siena. We emphasize the importance of food genuineness, local products, and a zero-kilometer approach. We’re not doing this just to promote ourselves but because it’s important for health, tradition, and the environment.

farmhouse Siena with restaurant The Charm of a Farmhouse in the Heart of Tuscany

Colle di Val d’Elsa is a hidden gem in the province of Siena, a place that captures the essence of Tuscany with its hilly landscapes, medieval villages, and deep-rooted agricultural tradition. It is here that you’ll find Casa Verniano, our corner of paradise, which we love to share with our guests. The farmhouse here represents a window to the past, a return to the roots of authentic, high-quality cuisine. Guests can immerse themselves in the beauty of the Tuscan countryside, with vast green spaces, gardens, and a landscape that captivates the senses.

The Heart of Casa Verniano – The Garden and the Farm

Casa Verniano, a farmhouse, restaurant, farm, and much more, stands out, among other things, due to its commitment to providing high-quality products at the table. This goal is made possible thanks to the flourishing garden and the farm located on its grounds. Here, fresh vegetables, aromatic herbs, and ripe fruit are cultivated, all according to the principles of the healthiest, most authentic, and traditional agriculture. The farm houses poultry, pigs, and cattle, all contributing to the production of exquisite cured meats. Among others, we must mention our breeding of the Cinta Senese, a typical local breed whose derived products are protected by the PDO mark.

The True Taste of Tuscany in a Farmhouse in Siena with a Restaurant

In addition to using products from our own land, the farmhouse also promotes local products from the Tuscan region. This not only supports local farmers and producers but also allows guests to savor the authentic taste of Tuscany. Pecorino cheese, extra virgin olive oil, Chianti wine, and other regional delicacies take center stage on the restaurant’s menu. This commitment to local products pays tribute to Tuscany’s culinary richness. Casa Verniano’s restaurant doesn’t settle for serving delicious food; it is committed to ensuring that each dish reflects the genuineness of the products. The garden and farm provide fresh, high-quality ingredients, meaning that guests can taste dishes that exude freshness and flavor. This culinary approach is a celebration of ingredient authenticity and purity.

farmhouse Siena with restaurant The Zero-Kilometer Policy

One of the most significant aspects of our cuisine here at Casa Verniano, a farmhouse in Siena with a restaurant, is the zero-kilometer policy. This means that many of the ingredients used in the kitchen come from suppliers located a short distance from the property. This choice not only reduces the environmental impact associated with product transportation but also supports the local economy. Guests can be truly assured that every bite they taste contributes to the sustainability and prosperity of the region. Casa Verniano’s zero-kilometer policy is indeed a reference point in terms of environmental sustainability. By reducing emissions related to product transport, it significantly contributes to the fight against climate change. Furthermore, the practice of healthy agriculture and environmental respect represents a concrete commitment to preserving the natural beauty of Tuscany.

A Journey into Tuscan Cuisine – An Excellent Gastronomic Experience

The cuisine at Casa Verniano’s restaurant is a genuine culinary journey through Tuscany. Traditional dishes such as ribollita, pappa al pomodoro, and Fiorentina steak are prepared using fresh, local ingredients, paying homage to recipes passed down through generations. Each bite carries the history and tradition of the region. If you are looking for a farmhouse in Siena with a restaurant, Casa Verniano’s cuisine will be a true haven for you food enthusiasts. The kitchen is mainly led by Chef Roberta, who puts tradition, passion, and creativity into every dish. Guests can relax in a cozy atmosphere and savor the authentic flavors of Tuscany. The service is familial, attentive, and friendly, making each meal a memorable experience.

Casa Verniano – The Farmhouse with a Restaurant in Siena for You!

In conclusion, Casa Verniano, in Colle di Val d’Elsa, is much more than just a place to spend your holidays. Casa Verniano is an authentic culinary experience that celebrates food genuineness, the value of local products, and the environmental importance of zero-kilometer products. This corner of the Tuscan paradise is a tribute to the region’s beauty and its rich gastronomic heritage. If you want to learn more about our activities, besides visiting the dedicated area on our website, you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram! For information and contacts, you can write to us at or contact us at +39 0577908295.

Farmhouse Siena

Farmhouse Siena

Farmhouse SienaCasa Verniano: Your Retreat in the Heart of Tuscany

If you’re seeking an outdoor vacation experience that takes you away from the stress of city life, Farmhouse Siena, Casa Verniano, is the perfect destination. In this article, we will guide you through an extraordinary experience where nature, cuisine, swimming, and outdoor activities come together in perfect harmony to offer you an unforgettable holiday.

Farmhouse in Siena, an Escape from Urban Life

The hustle and bustle of city life can become overwhelming, with congested traffic, incessant noise, and daily pressures. Casa Verniano, a Farmhouse in Siena located in the heart of Valdelsa in Tuscany, offers an oasis of peace and tranquility away from the city’s stress. Here, the air is pure and fresh, the pace is slower, and the birdsong becomes your daily soundtrack. It’s the ideal place to rejuvenate completely, rediscovering the beauty of outdoor living.

The Authentic Taste of Tuscany, the Benefits of a Farmhouse in Siena

One of the most memorable culinary moments of a stay in a Farmhouse in Siena is undoubtedly the food. At Casa Verniano, you’ll have the opportunity to savor traditional Tuscan dishes prepared with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. From ribollita, a rich and flavorful soup, to pappa al pomodoro, to the famous Florentine steak, each dish is a gustatory journey into Tuscan cuisine. Our restaurant is the heart of Casa Verniano, where every meal is an authentic culinary experience to be enjoyed at a leisurely pace.

Relax by the Pool

After a day of outdoor activities, nothing beats relaxing by our beautiful pool. Casa Verniano’s pool offers panoramic views of the picturesque Tuscan countryside, creating an atmosphere of complete relaxation. You can unwind by the pool, sipping a glass of local wine, and let yourself be lulled by the serenity of country life. It’s the perfect way to end the day in style.

Outdoor Activities

A key element of a stay in a Farmhouse in Siena is the wide range of outdoor activities available. At Casa Verniano, you can actively explore the surrounding countryside through hiking or horseback riding. If you’ve never ridden before, don’t worry; we offer lessons for beginners that will introduce you to this wonderful world. In addition to horseback riding, you can participate in thrilling hikes through breathtaking landscapes. Birdwatching is another popular activity, allowing you to admire the region’s rich birdlife. Follow the link to discover all our activities.

Take Advantage of a Farmhouse in Siena and Explore Tuscany

If you want to explore beyond the boundaries of Casa Verniano, there are some Tuscan gems worth discovering.

San Gimignano

San Gimignano is famous for its well-preserved medieval towers, which are part of its unique heritage. You can stroll through the cobbled streets of the city, visit interesting museums, and taste the famous artisanal gelato. It’s an essential stop to immerse yourself in Tuscan history and culture.

Val d’Elsa

Val d’Elsa is a region characterized by stunning hilly landscapes and picturesque medieval villages. This is the ideal place to immerse yourself in authentic Tuscan culture and taste local wines in the area’s wineries. The hills and enchanting landscapes make this area a perfect destination for hikes and outings.

Farmhouse Siena

Val d’Orcia

Val d’Orcia is famous for its suggestive landscapes, with hills covered in wheat fields and cypress trees silhouetted against the blue sky. This area is renowned for producing excellent wines, including Brunello di Montalcino. A trip here is an unforgettable experience of wine tasting,  picturesque landscapes, and tranquility. You’ll visit villages that will leave a lasting impression on your heart and memory, such as Panzano, San Quirico d’Orcia, Montalcino, or Castiglione d’Orcia.

Casa Verniano: Your Tuscany Retreat in a Farmhouse in Siena

Casa Verniano is located in Colle di Val d’Elsa, in the heart of Tuscany. This strategic location allows you to comfortably explore all the region’s attractions. In addition to outdoor activities, we offer riding lessons for beginners and guided horseback riding excursions to explore the surrounding countryside. Your day will conclude with relaxation by the pool, immersed in the beauty of the Tuscan countryside.

In conclusion, a vacation at Farmhouse Siena, Casa Verniano, is much more than just an escape from the city. It’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in Tuscan culture, savor genuine local food, enjoy the pool, and discover some of the region’s hidden gems. Don’t miss the chance to have an authentic Farmhouse experience in Siena. Farmhouse Siena, Casa Verniano, awaits you for an unforgettable vacation. Book now by calling us at 0577 90829 or +39 348 2878846.

Tuscan Vacation

Tuscan Vacation

Tuscan vacation

Discover the Enchantment of Casa Verniano in Colle Val d’Elsa: Your Perfect Tuscan Vacation


Tuscany, with its lush hills, swaying sunflower fields, and historically rich cities steeped in culture, is a dream destination for anyone seeking an authentic Tuscan vacation immersed in nature and the cultural heritage of this unparalleled region. Nestled within this enchanting backdrop is Casa Verniano, an agriturismo that captures the essence of Tuscany and offers a complete experience for those in search of tranquility, discovery, and genuine pleasures.

Far from the bustling rhythms of city life, Casa Verniano welcomes all its guests into a serene and unspoiled environment. The green hills and vineyards surrounding the agriturismo invite leisurely walks and moments of reflection. Strolling through centuries-old olive groves, witnessing the changing of seasons, and savoring breathtaking vistas that unfold before you is a privilege that makes this experience truly unique and unforgettable – the essence of a Tuscan vacation.

Cultural Gems: The Historical Allure of Tuscan Holidays

Tuscany is a region steeped in history and tradition, and a stay at Casa Verniano offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in this captivating world. The medieval architecture and famed Piazza del Campo of Siena are just a short distance away. Another gem worthy of exploration is San Gimignano, with its towering skyline of medieval towers. These cities not only offer the chance to admire extraordinary artworks but also to soak in the unique atmosphere of cobblestone streets and local markets. Let’s not forget that the province of Siena is strategically located for easy access to other regional cities. Within an hour to an hour and a half of travel, you can reach other must-visit Tuscan cities, including the exquisite Florence, the pearl of Italian Renaissance.

Agriturismo Casa Verniano: An Exemplary Tuscan Vacation Experience

Casa Verniano is not merely an accommodation; it’s an authentic Tuscan experience. Its agricultural roots are reflected in the activities and opportunities it extends to its guests. Our agriturismo goes beyond being a welcoming space for visitors. Here, we cultivate the land, producing oil, vegetables, fruits, and much more. We also carefully raise animals, from which we derive numerous authentic and genuine products. Our farm is open for visits, always ready to welcome our most curious and interested guests.

Tuscan vacation

Unwinding and Having Fun – Essential Components of Your Tuscan Escape

After a day of excursions and adventures, the pool at Casa Verniano becomes the perfect spot to unwind and rejuvenate. Nestled amidst greenery and embraced by nature, it allows you to bask in the Tuscan sun and refresh yourself in a captivating setting. Sipping a glass of local wine by the poolside or indulging in a book’s company under the shade of trees becomes a simple yet profoundly satisfying pleasure during your Tuscan vacation.

The agriturismo offers a wide range of outdoor activities for those who wish to actively explore the Tuscan countryside. Renting e-bikes lets you discover hidden corners and breathtaking vistas, while horseback riding lessons provide an authentic and captivating experience during your Tuscan holiday. Learn more about horseback riding in our blog article!

Unique Gastronomic Experiences

The flavors of Tuscany come to life through guided tastings offered by Casa Verniano. You can savor exquisite wines passionately crafted in local wineries and immerse yourself in the enogastronomic culture that has made this region famous. Local delicacies, prepared with fresh and genuine ingredients, will gift you an unforgettable culinary experience during your Tuscan vacation.

Book Your Unforgettable Tuscan Vacation

Your Tuscan vacation begins here. By booking a stay at Casa Verniano, you open the doors to a world of discoveries, pleasures, and relaxation. Tuscany is more than a destination; it’s a way of living and experiencing the world around you. Our agriturismo offers you the chance to embrace this philosophy and create indelible memories that will accompany you forever, transforming your Tuscan vacation into an enriching experience that leaves you fulfilled and inspired.

Tuscan holidays are an opportunity to reconnect with nature, delve into history, and savor the true essence of this region. Casa Verniano provides the ideal setting to embrace all of this and much more. Don’t miss the chance to book your stay and embark on an experience that will leave your heart brimming with beauty and serenity during your Tuscan vacation.

Reserve now through our website or reach out via email at or contact our phone numbers – +39 348 2878846 – +39 0577 908295.

Via Francigena in Tuscany

Via Francigena in Tuscany

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey through one of Europe’s oldest pilgrimage routes? The Via Francigena, as it winds through the picturesque landscapes and captivating cultural sites of Tuscany, offers pilgrims and hikers a unique opportunity. This ancient itinerary allows travelers to delve into history, bask in natural beauty, and experience a profound spiritual journey along the way. Also known as the “Road of the Franks,” the Via Francigena is a trail that connects Canterbury in England to Rome, passing through France, Switzerland, and Italy. Along its route in Tuscany, travelers can admire charming medieval cities, picturesque villages, and natural wonders.

Via Francigena in TuscanyThe Via Francigena in Tuscany: A Cultural, Adventurous, Spiritual, and Natural Adventure

From a cultural perspective, the Via Francigena in Tuscany is a true treasure trove. Cities such as Lucca, San Gimignano, and Siena offer visitors an immersive journey into the Middle Ages. Lucca, surrounded by mighty medieval walls, welcomes pilgrims with its labyrinthine alleys, splendid churches, and historic squares. San Gimignano, with its famous medieval towers, appears straight out of a fairy tale, while Siena captivates with its magnificent cathedral and the renowned Piazza del Campo.

But the Via Francigena is not just a journey through time; it is also an opportunity for a rewarding physical challenge. Many hikers undertake the entire route on foot or by bicycle, pushing their limits and experiencing a sense of personal accomplishment. Tuscany offers a variety of landscapes, from the gentle hills of Chianti to the majestic Apuan Alps, making the journey stimulating and captivating for adventure enthusiasts.

Where Nature Meets Spirituality

The Via Francigena holds a strong spiritual dimension as well. Since medieval times, pilgrims have embarked on this path to reach the sacred sites of Rome and to experience deep faith. Even today, many pilgrims undertake this journey in search of reflection, inner peace, and self-discovery. The tranquil paths and breathtaking vistas of Tuscany create an ideal environment for contemplation and spiritual exploration.

This extraordinary route offers not only history, culture, and spirituality but also an exceptional encounter with nature. Travelers along the Via Francigena traverse a variety of enchanting landscapes, from the Tuscan countryside to lush forests. Along the way, you can spot beautiful bird species, wildlife, and a variety of flora native to the region. The Regional Park of the Lambro Valley and the Casentino Forests National Park are just two of the natural areas that travelers can explore along the route.

In the Heart of Valdelsa’s NatureVia Francigena in Tuscany

Even the stretches that pass through Valdelsa offer hidden gems waiting to be discovered. From renowned landmarks like San Gimignano and Monteriggioni to lesser-known yet intriguing villages such as Colle Val d’Elsa or Strove, you’ll encounter picturesque churches nestled amidst greenery, such as the Church of Badia a Coneo.

In conclusion, the Via Francigena in Tuscany offers a complete experience that blends culture, adventure, spirituality, and nature. This millennia-old path allows visitors to immerse themselves in history, push their physical limits, find inner serenity, and appreciate the natural beauty. Whether you are an adventure seeker, a history enthusiast, or a spiritual wanderer, the Via Francigena in Tuscany is a journey not to be missed. Grab your backpack, tune up your bike, or lace up your hiking boots, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure along this historic route.

If you’re looking to explore the Via Francigena in Tuscany, Casa Verniano provides an excellent base or a delightful stop to consider. Surrounded by greenery and immersed in an authentic rural atmosphere, our agriturismo ensures your experience remains truly authentic. We offer weary pilgrims a well-deserved rest, an opportunity to share experiences and stories with fellow travelers from around the world, and a chance to savor the delicious Tuscan cuisine. What are you waiting for? Contact us at 3295881994 or 0577908295. Your unforgettable vacation surrounded by the greenery of Tuscany is already waiting for you!

Farmhouse with Pool in Tuscany

Farmhouse with Pool in Tuscany

Welcome to Casa Verniano, a charming farmhouse with a pool in Tuscany. We are located in the heart of a region rich in history, culture, and breathtaking landscapes. If you’re seeking an authentic and relaxing experience, a farmhouse with a pool might be the perfect choice for your vacation. In this article, we will explore the advantages of staying in a farmhouse with a pool in Tuscany, the beauty of enjoying an outdoor vacation, and the wonders that Valdelsa and its surroundings offer to visitors.

The Convenience of a Farmhouse with a Pool in Tuscany

Choosing to stay in a farmhouse with a pool in Tuscany offers numerous advantages. Firstly, you can enjoy moments of relaxation and refreshment during the hot summer days. After a long day of sightseeing or exploring nature, there’s nothing more enjoyable than a refreshing dip in the pool. Additionally, the presence of a pool provides an opportunity to socialize with other guests, creating a welcoming and convivial atmosphere.

The cool water of the pool is an excellent solution for relaxation and rejuvenation during your vacation. You can take a break from the daily stress and dedicate some time to your well-being. Swimming, playing water volleyball, or simply relaxing on the poolside loungers while enjoying the Tuscan sun will be precious moments to remember. A farmhouse with a pool is particularly suitable for families. Children will have a great time playing in the water, while adults can relax and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. The pool becomes a gathering point for everyone, creating an atmosphere of joy and happiness that will make your vacation even more memorable.

Farmhouse with Pool in TuscanyImmerse Yourself in Nature on Your Vacation

Tuscany is a land of unspoiled beauty, with vast green landscapes and nature full of surprises. Staying in a farmhouse will allow you to fully experience an outdoor vacation, immersing yourself in the surrounding nature and enjoying outdoor activities. At Casa Verniano, we offer numerous activities designed to provide you with an authentic experience in touch with nature. You can take horse riding lessons, participate in excursions, rent e-bikes, and much more.

Valdelsa offers numerous hiking trails that will take you to discover spectacular panoramas and charming villages. You can explore the Tuscan countryside, admire vineyards and olive groves, and breathe in the fresh air. Returning to the farmhouse after a day spent outdoors will give you a sense of peace and tranquility. Moreover, if you’re a sports and adventure enthusiast, Tuscany offers numerous opportunities. You can go mountain biking, rock climbing, horseback riding, or even take hot air balloon flights to admire the beauty of the region from above. After an intense day, you can return to the farmhouse and relax in the pool, enjoying a well-deserved rest.

Things to Do and See in Tuscany

Farmhouse with Pool in TuscanyTuscany is renowned for its culture, art, delicious food, and fine wines. Valdelsa, the base of your farmhouse, offers a strategic location to explore the wonders of the region. Valdelsa is surrounded by fascinating medieval villages such as San Gimignano and Monteriggioni, which will transport you back in time. Additionally, art cities like Florence, Siena, and Pisa are easily accessible from your location. It is possible to visit museums, admire art masterpieces, and immerse yourself in Tuscan history and culture.

You can’t talk about Tuscany without mentioning its cuisine and wines. You can savor traditional dishes such as ribollita, bistecca alla fiorentina, and crostini toscani. Moreover, you’ll have the opportunity to visit wineries and taste fine wines such as Chianti and Brunello di Montalcino. You can experience all of this without even leaving your accommodation, as our kitchen is dedicated to Tuscan tradition. At Casa Verniano we offer our guests genuine dishes made with local, high-quality ingredients.

A Farmhouse with a Pool in Tuscany Is What You Need!

A farmhouse with a pool in Tuscany represents an ideal choice for a vacation of relaxation, nature, and culture. Whether you want to unwind by the pool, explore the Tuscan countryside, or immerse yourself in the art and history of the art cities, Valdelsa and its surroundings provide everything you need for an unforgettable vacation. Book your stay in a farmhouse with a pool and discover the beauty of this charming Italian region.


Horseback riding in Siena

Horseback riding in Siena

Looking for horseback riding adventure in Siena? This is a beautiful medieval city in the heart of Tuscany known for its rich history, culture, and art but is also a popular destination for horseback riding enthusiasts. The rolling hills and scenic countryside surrounding Siena offer the perfect backdrop for a horseback riding adventure. In this article, we’ll explore the world of horseback riding in Siena and discover why it’s a must-try activity for anyone visiting the region.

There’s something special about experiencing the world on horseback. The rhythmic sound of hooves on the ground, the gentle sway of the horse’s body, and the feeling of connection between rider and animal all come together to create a unique and unforgettable experience. And when it comes to horseback riding, few places can rival the beauty and charm of Siena.

horseback riding in Siena

The magic of nature

One of the most popular horseback experiences in Siena is the countryside trail ride. These guided tours take riders through the rolling hills and vineyards surrounding the city, offering stunning views of the Tuscan landscape along the way. As you ride, you’ll have the opportunity to take in the sights, sounds, and smells of the Italian countryside in a way that’s impossible from a car or bus.

For those looking for a more immersive experience, multi-day horseback riding tours are also available. These tours allow riders to explore the countryside at a more leisurely pace, with stops at local wineries, farms, and other points of interest along the way. These tours typically include accommodations and meals, making them a convenient and hassle-free way to experience the best of Siena and its surroundings.

But horseback riding in Siena isn’t just about the scenery. It’s also a chance to connect with these majestic animals and learn about their history and care. Many horseback riding tours in Siena include a brief lesson on horse care and riding technique before heading out on the trail. This not only helps riders feel more comfortable and confident in the saddle, but it also provides a deeper appreciation for the animals and their role in Tuscan culture.

But perhaps the best part of this experience is the sense of adventure and freedom it provides. Away from the crowds and noise of the city, riders can let their cares and worries melt away as they explore the beautiful Tuscan countryside on horseback. It’s a chance to slow down, disconnect from technology, and connect with nature in a way that’s becoming increasingly rare in our modern world.

Horseback riding in Siena an experience to live the Tuscan countryside

Here in Casa Verniano we offer horseback riding lessons and excursions in suggestive locations. You will enjoy an unforgettable experience in the heart of Tuscany, relating you to majestic creatures. Come to meet our lovely horses and live wonderful moments with them. Horse lessons are available for children and adults. The lesson will take place with a teacher, who will follow you step by step, to get closer to the horse and manage it. Lessons are also a good idea for those who already have a small experience with horses and want to sharpen their knowledge.

So whether you’re a seasoned equestrian or just looking for a new adventure, this is an experience not to be missed. With its beautiful countryside, rich history, and strong equestrian tradition, Siena is the perfect place to discover the magic of horseback riding. So saddle up and let the adventure begin!

Nature holidays in Tuscany

Nature holydays in Tuscany

Are you ready for a nature holidays in Tuscany? Vacations surrounded by fresh air and nature are one of the most appreciated choices for those who want to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy some relaxation immersed in the beauty of the natural world. Among the ideal destinations to spend a vacation of this kind, Tuscany is certainly one of the most charming and fascinating regions in Italy. With its extraordinary variety of landscapes, Tuscany can offer numerous opportunities for nature lovers. From the sea to the mountains, passing through hills and countryside, no one will be disappointed.

One of the most famous places to spend a nature vacation in Tuscany is undoubtedly the Valdelsa. Strategically positioned in the heart of Tuscany, this area offers unforgettable and picturesque rural landscapes. It also provides the opportunity to easily reach almost all the other places of interest in Tuscany, being located in the center of the region. However, it is the simple experience of living in the slow and reassuring rhythm of nature that makes a vacation in Valdelsa a profound and incredible experience. Here it is possible to immerse oneself in enchanting landscapes, where hills covered with vineyards, ancient oak forests, and streams that flow through the valleys meet.


nature holidays in tuscany

Some tips to enjoy Valdelsa

One of the most popular activities for those who want to enjoy a nature vacation in Tuscany is hiking. The Valdelsa area is crossed by numerous trails that lead to breathtaking views and places of great natural beauty. Among the most famous hikes in the area, we cannot forget the Via Francigena. It is the most important pilgrimage in the national territory, an unmissable experience if you are passing through. Walking a stage of the ancient historic route is one of the most authentic ways to experience the territory. The stretch that connects Colle Val d’Elsa to Monteriggioni is very easy to walk and offers the possibility to cross historic villages and characteristic paths.

For those who love cycling instead, Valdelsa offers a wide choice of routes that cross the hills, cultivated fields, and medieval towns of the region. You can start from San Gimignano, one of the most beautiful villages in Tuscany, and cycle along the scenic roads that lead to the surrounding valleys. There are also more adventurous routes for the most daring cyclists, through forests and ridges, that will satisfy the most sporty souls.

Let’s not forget the activities related to water: Valdelsa is crossed by numerous rivers and streams, including the Elsa river. Thanks to the natural park that partially runs through it, the Sentierelsa offers the opportunity to practice water sports such as kayaking or rafting. The trail is also equipped for picnics or snacks and is designed to enjoy the fresh air and nature in total relaxation.

In summary, Valdelsa is an ideal place for those who want to spend a nature vacation in Tuscany, with hiking, cycling, water sports, and moments of relaxation. What better way to enjoy this fantastic region than in a farmhouse surrounded by greenery?

Nature Holidays in Tuscany at Casa Verniano

If you are drawn to Tuscany for its nature, it’s inevitable that the best choice for your stay is an agriturismo, and Casa Verniano is undoubtedly the perfect choice for you. Here, you will experience days of absolute relaxation surrounded by boundless nature. You will have the opportunity to fully enjoy our pool, take part in walks or horseback excursions, participate in recreational activities or workshops that we organize, or simply enjoy our green spaces and our farm. Last but not least, at Casa Verniano, you will taste authentic and rural Tuscan cuisine, with classic seasonal dishes and our own homemade cured meats. Call now to check availability and book your nature holidays in Tuscany!

7 best things to do in Tuscany

It is not easy to suggest the 7 best things to do in Tuscany. There are so many things to do and discover here! Tuscany is widely recognized for its picturesque landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and unparalleled cuisine. Home to some of the world’s most famous art cities such as Florence, Pisa, and Siena, Tuscany also boasts an array of charming small towns, rolling hills, vineyards, and historical landmarks. With so much to see and do, planning a trip to Tuscany can be overwhelming.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the 7 best things to do in Tuscany, so you can make the most of your time in this enchanting region. From admiring Renaissance art to savoring delicious Tuscan wines and exploring scenic countryside, Tuscany has something for everyone. So, get ready to immerse yourself in the beauty and culture of Tuscany, and let’s explore the top ten must-see attractions together.

7 best things to do in Tuscany


Wine tasting in Chianti

7 best things to do in tuscany

Wine tasting in Chianti is an unforgettable experience that should be on every wine lover’s bucket list. Chianti is a renowned wine region in Tuscany, Italy, famous for producing some of the world’s best wines. The area is home to picturesque vineyards, historic castles, and charming hilltop towns, making it the perfect backdrop for a wine tasting excursion. Visitors can sample the region’s signature Chianti Classico, as well as other high-quality wines made from Sangiovese, Canaiolo, and other grape varietals. Whether you’re a seasoned wine enthusiast or a curious beginner, wine tasting in Chianti is a must-do activity that will leave you with a deeper appreciation for this beloved drink. This is why a wine tasting is for sure one of the 7 best things to do in Tuscany. 

To Get lost in Uffizi Gallery is a duty among the 7 best things to do in Tuscany 

The Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy, is one of the most celebrated museums in the world. With an extensive collection of priceless artworks, including paintings by Botticelli, Michelangelo, and Leonardo da Vinci, it’s a treasure trove for art lovers. However, getting lost in the Uffizi Gallery is a unique experience that goes beyond simply admiring the artwork and it can’t be absolutely out of our list of the 7 best things to do in Tuscany. The labyrinthine corridors and spacious halls of the museum allow visitors to immerse themselves in the history and culture of Florence. Every corner of the museum offers a new perspective on the beauty and genius of Italian art, making it easy to lose yourself in the wonder of it all.

Stroll through the streets of San Gimignano, one of the 7 best things to do in Tuscany

San Gimignano is a medieval hilltop town in Tuscany that is known for its picturesque beauty and historic architecture. The town is surrounded by ancient walls and towers, which give it a unique and captivating charm. Strolling through the streets of San Gimignano is like taking a step back in time, with its cobblestone streets, grand palaces, and charming shops and cafes. Visitors can explore the town’s many landmarks, including the Piazza del Duomo and the Torre Grossa, or simply wander through the winding alleys and take in the stunning views of the surrounding countryside. San Gimignano is a must-visit destination for anyone who wants to experience the beauty and history of Tuscany.

Discover Val d’Orcia

Val d’Orcia is a picturesque valley in Tuscany, Italy, known for its rolling hills, beautiful landscapes, and charming medieval villages. This stunning region has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and for good reason. Whether you’re interested in history, art, or just soaking up the natural beauty of the Tuscan countryside, the Val d’Orcia has something for everyone. Val d’Orcia is home to several stunning medieval towns, each with its unique history and architecture. In our list of the 7 best things to do in Tuscany we surely suggest to visit some of these towns. One of the most famous is Pienza, known for its beautiful Renaissance buildings, charming streets, and stunning views over the surrounding countryside. The town is also known for its excellent pecorino cheese, which is produced locally and sold in the many shops and restaurants in the area. 

7 best things to do in tuscany

Go hiking on the Apuan alps

The Apuan Alps, located in the northern part of Tuscany, offer some of the most breathtaking hiking experiences in Italy. With rugged peaks, dramatic gorges, and stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea, hiking on the Apuan Alps is an adventure that should not be missed. The region boasts an extensive network of trails, ranging from easy walks to challenging climbs that require experienced hikers. Along the way, hikers can enjoy the natural beauty of the area, with wildflowers, wildlife, and stunning panoramic views around every corner. Whether you’re an experienced hiker or a beginner, a trip to the Apuan Alps is a perfect way to connect with nature and explore the beauty of Tuscany.

Be fascinated by the open air museum “Il Giardino dei Tarocchi”

Il Giardino dei Tarocchi, or the Tarot Garden, is a fascinating open-air museum located in the heart of Tuscany. Created by the French artist Niki de Saint Phalle, the garden is a surreal wonderland filled with giant, colorful sculptures inspired by the tarot cards. Visitors can wander through the winding paths of the garden, exploring the whimsical and intricate sculptures that tower above them. The Tarot Garden is an enchanting experience that appeals to art lovers, garden enthusiasts, and anyone who appreciates the magic of imagination. A visit to Il Giardino dei Tarocchi is an unforgettable journey into the world of art, fantasy, and creativity.

Walking along the via Francigena

Walking along the Via Francigena is an immersive experience into the rich history and cultural diversity of Europe. This ancient pilgrimage route stretches over 2000 km from Canterbury, England, to Rome, Italy, passing through France, Switzerland, and various Italian regions. The journey takes walkers through picturesque countryside, medieval towns, and stunning architectural wonders, offering a glimpse into the lives of the people who have traveled this route for centuries. Along the way, walkers can sample local cuisines, learn about the region’s traditions and history, and make meaningful connections with fellow travelers. Walking the Via Francigena is not just a physical journey; it’s a spiritual and cultural one that leaves a lasting impression on those who undertake it. For this reason we had to include it on our list of the 7 best things to do in Tuscany.


In conclusion, Tuscany is a region that boasts breathtaking landscapes, rich history, and delectable cuisine, making it a must-visit destination for any traveler. Whether you’re interested in exploring the stunning countryside, delving into the region’s rich cultural heritage, or simply relaxing and savoring the local flavors, there’s no shortage of amazing experiences to be had here. From wandering the streets of Florence to sampling the wines of Chianti, exploring the medieval towns or enjoying the beauty of the wonderful nature, there’s something for everyone in Tuscany. By following our guide to the 7 best things to do in Tuscany, you’ll be able to make the most of your time in this beautiful region and create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.